I have been asked by the Authorities to provide a Policy to ensure that we are not having a drink and drug fuelled crazy party. I did suggest that we would be ok as people dont usually mix both. Such jokes dont go down well at a panel meeting so I hereby promptly provide some rules.




Whilst there appears to be much in the way of donated beer flying around and good interest from known breweries, the Event is a VW Show and not a beer fest. However, if you plan to consume large quantities and are taking part in the Sunday a.m cruise, please ensure you have a sober driver. Pregnant wife is good for this, but do not do this for the event as there are long term implications.


The serious message in here is road safety, your license and more importantly your dub.




VW Bus Stop is a drug free area. This does not mean there are free drugs! They are usually overpriced and rubbish nowadays. On a serious note, no illegal drugs on site please. As it’s too early in the summer for picking mushrooms, there is no other option.




Dogs and children don’t mix too well, this is because children are usually very annoying. Could you please keep your children under control and pick up any mess they leave. As for Dogs, there are large areas of green where dogs can have a good run.




I had an unusual request last year from a neighbour who put a note through my door about starting my air cooled beetle at 0830am as she worked nights! This is not interesting but does show that some people will complain at any opportunity.

There’s only a few who like to blip their accelerator and play loud bass, these usually have best friends who own Subaru’s or other japenese rubbish. I do believe there is a show running the same weekend for these people.


General Safety

Big Fire behind you: Run Forwards

Big Fire in front of you: Turn around (opposite direction) before Running Forwards

Small Fire: Check that it is not your neighbours bbq before putting it out

Marshalls will be there to assist, please highlight any potential dangers.


This policy may need to be revised soon.